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Backflow can sometimes be confused with back-up from a clog, but the word “backflow” actually denotes a situation where a cross connection has occurred: your home’s safe, potable water has come into contact with wastewater. When you hire the plumbing professionals at A.W. Crooks Plumbing & Heating, Inc. to install, repair, replace and maintain backflow prevention components in your home, you can reduce and even eliminate the possibility of backflow problems.

You'll therefore be preventing fire sprinklers and water irrigation from coming back into your drinking water. Backflow is a serious problem and should be addressed right away. Our plumbing professionals are available for emergency calls, so call us today if you are dealing with a backflow problem.

RPZ Backflow Preventer

RPZ valves, also known as reduced pressure zone valves, are backflow preventer valves specifically designed for commercial and industrial buildings. This type of valve is particularly important for businesses in food processing, catering, brewery and distillation plants, car washes, and hotels. One of the features that delineates an RPZ valve from a regular backflow prevention valve is that RPZ valves must be tested annually by an RPZ accredited tester. The plumbing professionals at A.W. Crooks Plumbing & Heating, Inc. are accredited RPZ testers, and as such, we can install, repair, replace or maintain RPZ valves for your commercial or industrial space.

What Causes Backflow?

One of the leading causes of a backflow problem is an issue with the municipal water supply. In a case like this, the problem doesn’t originate with your home, but you will still need to have an expert check your system and clean any contamination that has infiltrated your home’s plumbing system, fixtures and appliances.

However, the main concern here is with your drinking water and potable water. Our backflow prevention device installation helps in protecting potable water from the backflow created by fire sprinkler and irrigation systems. When improperly protected with a backflow prevention device, contamination can occur, causing health and safety issues.

We Offer Backflow Prevention Services

A backflow problem is considered an emergency situation because of the serious issues contaminated water can pose for your home or business. We can help you with any kind of backflow problem day or night, so call us as soon as you detect a backflow problem on your property, or if you are concerned about the risks present in your drinking and potable water.

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