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It can be difficult to figure out what type of water heater matches your needs. After all, what are your hot water needs? How many family members are in your home? Do you have guests? What major appliances do you have that draw on hot water during operation? Such questions are paramount when you’re outfitting your home with a new water heater. We can help you navigate the various systems on offer, taking your hot water usage as well as your budget into consideration when recommending a water heater for installation. Here are several major options.


The tank water heater has remained the go–to convention for many years. If you’re looking for a cost–effective system that provides you with a bountiful supply, then this system works just fine. Today’s systems have much–improved efficiency ratings than their predecessors.


As its name suggests, a tankless water heater is a system that forgoes the use of a storage tank in order to heat your water supply on–demand. That means that it only heats the water that you call for at any given time, rather than keeping a supply at the ready. There is virtually no delay and the system may very well pay for itself in the years to come.


A hybrid water heater either combines a tank with a tankless unit to provide you with a balance of power and efficiency, or it indicates the use of a heat pump mechanism within the tank that uses the ambient air surrounding the tank to heat your water supply. Both types are highly efficient.

Professional Water Heater Installation Service

At A.W. Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we can help you choose between the various options on the market today. And you will indeed need some assistance. One of the most critical factors when purchasing a new water heater for installation is the match between the hot water output of the system and your household’s estimated hot water usage. A system that is overly powerful may result in inefficiency and higher energy bills while a smaller system will falter when your family takes multiple showers or you’re running several appliances at once.

Water Heater Repair

Whenever you walk into the shower and turn on the hot water tap, you expect a bountiful amount of temperature controlled water coming in through the spigot above you. The same goes for when you throw in a load of laundry or when you run your dishwasher after a dinner party. But it’s important to realize that your water heater will not simply operate indefinitely.

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